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Interview our Customer Care Officer, Terrence.

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Born in: 1987
Horoscope: Gemini
Under graduate: Banking & Finance in Singapore Institute Management, Year 3.

Qns: How do you know about this opening?
Ans: Through Jobsdb.

Qns: Have you searched for other jobs?
Ans:  Yes, I have applied for 20 over jobs.

Qns: Why did you choose this job?
Ans:  I do have a couple of offers, like 5…, and I chose this job in the end.

Qns: Why did you prefer this job then the other 4?
Ans: Well, here allows me to learn the skills that will be applicable to my future job and career. Champagne JSG does pay the market rate for part timers, but given this chance, I would prefer to work in this relaxed and enjoyable environment. This is just unlike other jobs that seem boring.

Qns: What are the skills you have learnt here?
Ans: I am indeed fortunate to be allowed a chance to pick up the set of skills that might be required in my future job, in a bank. Champagne JSG provides me the training to allow me to acquire communication & interpersonal skills.

Qns: How can you apply your skills to your future job?
Ans: Well, if I were to be a banker after I graduate, customer relationship management is definitely the important skill. Meanwhile, dating tips were shared with me by all the consultants working here.  I do learn some sales tips here too and I think it’s applicable when it comes to a future bank job.

Qns: What your boss will always tell you to?
Ans: Well, she said that this is the time for us to make mistakes and learn before we really are out for a permanent full time job in the future. And be it in anywhere, communication and interpersonal skills applies.

Qns: What is interesting about this job?
Ans: Nice office environment, nice bosses, it’s always fulfilling to deal with people.

Qns: Who will you recommend this job to?
Ans: For undergraduate, who would like to find fun in work too. We get to be event helpers to mingle with participants.

Qns: Has this job changed you?
Ans: I have always wanted to communicate with people, but I am shy. I am much braver now and this will prepare me for my future job.


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July 13, 2011 at 4:23 am

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