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Interview our Customer Care Officer, Leanne

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Leanne’s Profile:
Born in 1991.
Horoscope: Leo
Undergraduate in Medicine, University of Dublin (Medical School)

Qns: Why did you choose this job for your summer vacation?
Ans: I guess this is fun and it’s something very different from what I  learn in school.

Qns: Were your parents surprised that you are working in a dating company  instead of the hospital?
Ans: Well, I will have lots of time working in the hospital  in the future.

Qns:What’s your aspirations?
Ans: To be a surgeon, maybe in cardiac..
Interviewer: Well, we also operates on cardiac, just without the  knives! (jokingly) We are cupids.

This is Leanne’s experience at her first day of work:

The first day of work was really interesting!I stepped in with much apprehension over what the day would bring, but the staff were  really welcoming and warm, and i immediately felt comfortable with  them! I learnt much about what goes behind the scenes of a dating  agency.

Written by champagnejsg

July 13, 2011 at 4:28 am

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