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How to Win a Guy in 7 Steps

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For a follow up of my previous post “How to Win a Girl in 7 Steps” I figured I’d write a 7 step guide for you girls out there on how to win a guy. It’s nice to have the guy doing the work, but hey girls can at least get things started in hopes of a better chance of success. Valentines is also just right around the corner so this can be the perfect time to put this to practice, and no, sending yourself flowers and candy doesn’t count.

1. Find the right (single) guy. From another one of my previous posts, I asked whether girls preferredlooks or personality. It seemed that the resounding answer was that personality was the top choice by girls. So first things first, find a guy that has the right personality. While looks sure will help, I’m sure that you’d be happier with the guy that you can talk to instead of just stare at. But if looks is your thing, then go and find that guy. And hey, If you can get a guy that has both, all the better!

2. Let him know that you exist! Usually unless a guy likes you or unless you’re already friends with him, he might not even know you exist. While I’m sure you girls want the guy to do all the asking, it doesn’t hurt to get things started and go talk to him and just find out some things about him and let them know some things about you, i.e. your name. If they can remember that much, then things are going well.

3. Find out what they’re interested in”. Now that they know your name, find out what they’re interested in. It’s important to know what a guy enjoys to do. It gives you a common ground and something to talk about and something else for him to remember you by. It’s ok the guy enjoys football and you know nothing about football. Get him to teach you! Unless he’s very impatient, he’ll most likely enjoy teaching you about football.

4. Participate! Not only find out what they’re interested in, but also try to participate in that activity as well. If they enjoy playing video games, then go play video games. If they like to play sports, then go and play the same sport! If it’s running around like a little girl, then go run around like a little girl with him…actually go find another guy if the guy you have in mind does that. It’s ok if you’re around watching, but then he might be more likely to be involved in the activity than to be paying any attention to you. So go and play or participate. They’ll definitely remember you if you’re playing and you catch the winning touchdown pass.

5. Keep in contact. Now that you’ve found out the interests of the guy you have in mind, and even participated in those interests, it’s time that you keep in contact. This doesn’t mean that you become a stalker, but that you should keep talking to the guy. You don’t have to be talking about anything serious or thought provoking, it can be as simple as finding out how his day was. The more you keep in contact, the more likely they’ll want to keep in contact with you. Again, remember to not overdo it and become a stalker.

6. Smile!  Yes, that’s right, smile! It’s something so simple that people overlook the fact that they need to smile. Give the guy a smile when you see him. Letting him see you with a smile will make a big difference when trying to keep his attention. It might even brighten his day to see you with a smile and to know that you’re smiling at him. When in doubt, just smile!

7. Food! As you may have heard the saying go, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” What better way to impress a guy than to bring him food. Find out what foods he likes, goto restaurants where he has a favorite dish. Offer to bring him some cookies or snacks. Even better if you bake or cook them yourself. If a guy’s full, then he’s happy. So try to help the guy you have an interest in have a full stomach. If he remembers you as helping to feed him, he’ll definitely remember you and will want to be around you as well.

Well there you have it, the 7 steps on how to win a guy. While these steps are just Mazie and my views, I’d say it’s a good start on trying to help you girls win that guy of yours. Don’t forget to also just be yourself and enjoy the things that you’re doing. Also, don’t sell yourself short by doing things that you hate or don’t want to do just to impress a guy. It’s really not worth it in the end. Feel free to leave comments or your own stories that you may have. The more comments the merrier. I hope this helps!

Written by champagnejsg

July 13, 2011 at 4:30 am

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