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Boardgames Mania – 5th Jun 2011

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It is a relaxed Sunday afternoon and in Decoder’s Café we have 28 enthusiastic singles waiting to engage in a series of games that test their reaction, knowledge, team work and fun loving spirit. After the initial ice breaker which gets everyone acquainted, the participants are split into 4 groups to play the games designated at each game station. The games are specially selected to encourage team interaction among the participants. Each team gets to rotate after half an hour of play, so in by the end of it, you get to interact with most of the participants.

These are some of the games played:

Right Hand: participants have to use their hands to make the same gesture as the card shown. The fastest one gets to win the card.


Traffic: Follow the directional instructions on the card to derive at the correct final destination.


Pandamonium: Ready and get set to do the action shown on the card. The slowest one keeps the card.


This is Yappy, the café owner. See how focused he is in teaching the group how to play our final mega group game: Werewolf. Like the classic “Guess the murderer” game, the participants now have become innocent villagers who are the prey of werewolves. They must guess who are the werewolves amongst them and kill them before they get killed. But beware, the werewolves turn back into human form in the day and attempts to sow discord among the villages.

Here are some feedback from the participants:

“Hi Joan, I had lots of fun yesterday.  Great job!!! Keep up the good work and bring more fun filled events to us all. ”

“The group games are fun and effective to make new friends.”

“It was funny making those funny noises during the Snorta game.”

“ I am interested to know more about so and so…”

Somehow, age does not matter when it comes to playing games an having fun. Boardgames is really one of the good ways to make a new friend. Unfortunately due to the time constraint there are so much more interesting games that are left unexplored.

Well, at least we know now who are into boardgames and we can always invite each other out to play again.

Joan – 9th Jun 2011

Written by champagnejsg

June 13, 2011 at 2:20 pm

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