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Event Highlight – Amazing Food Race II

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Food is indeed the love of Singaporeans. Our Amazing Food Race 2 is full house again, and this time we are embarking on a different route compared to the last race.

We started off the morning part with 3 “warm up” food locations in the west and teams are rotated at each of these locations to ensure most participants get to mingle with the others.

The real race starts in the afternoon where the final teams are being grouped and they are suppose to race against each other to see who completes all the 7 food stations and complete the tasks assigned to each food station.

This is photo evidence showing the Geylang beancurd and you tiao. This is a favourite night food spot for the night party goers and clubbers. Originally located at Lorong 13, it has now shifted to Lorong 27A.

The famous Katong Laksa

This is the original of Katong Laksa. The uniqueness is in the way the noodles are prepared. The noodles are cut into smaller pieces so you can use just a spoon to eat, no need for chopsticks at all. The gravy is very thick and tasty and with the cockles, it is just heavenly.

This is the glutinous rice and yam cake at Ghim Moh market. The dried shrimps and chinese sausage used are very fragrant and tasty, so it made you want to have more  after the 1st bite. The yam in the yam cake unlike others which are loose and little, you can actually taste the real yam pieces in them. On weekends, they are usually sold out by 11am.

All the groups are very sporting and managed to complete the race by 4pm. Points are awarded base on time to finish the race, no. of stations completed, additional points for extra food items eaten etc. And the winning team is the 2nd group to reach but they ate a lot. They had 5 bowls of Laksa when the task is just to finish one bowl. The 2nd highest score group actually was the last group to finish the race, but they also ate a lot more than required. All of them are skinny yet are such big eaters, haha.

All in all it is a fun event, and someone suggested a supper/night edition, something worth serious consideration. : )

Joan- Champagne JSG

15 apr 2011

Written by champagnejsg

April 18, 2011 at 2:42 am

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