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D kept asking about his Christmas present- Mr Polar bear- It was a Ty toy which looked like a carbon copy of him- Big and Huggable.

After dinner, I took it out and gave it to him.. together with a little note.

We shared a bottle of white wine which I had snuck in my luggage.

Post wine drinking, I decided to put the Passion Fruit massage oil from The Body Shop into good use. The Passion Fruit massage oil is excellent. Non sticky, smooth and passionately scented on the skin. I highly recommend it for anyone searching for clean, scented massage oils.

D liked the smell of the oil.. he almost thought it was edible. He sat on the bed and watched HBO on the plasma TV while I gave him a back, leg and foot massage.

I think D dozed off halfway.. because although my back was facing him, i heard him snore a little!

I had reservations about sharing a bed together and suggested two single beds. However, the hotel only had king sized beds left.

As silly as it sounded, I put a pillow in the middle and told D, “I can cross this line but you cannot”.

“Hey, that’s not fair..that’s double standards.” D said.

“No, its not .. its triple standards.” I said with a laugh.

That night, I was lying comfortably on the bed, hugging a pillow and watching Ever After on TV when D said, “ Dear, why do you keep hugging the pillow?..I’m jealous”.

“But it’s nice to hug, try it!” and handed D a plush white pillow.

“Anyway, a pillow is consistently soft”. I continued.

“So am I!” D replied.

“But dear .. you’re inconsistent. Sometimes you’re soft and sometimes you’re hard”.

D burst out laughing. I did too.

I had offered to split the hotel bill and ferry tickets. However D was really sweet .. he said that this trip was my Christmas present. So yeah, I didn’t pay a cent. It’s good being a girl .. sometimes!

He also gave me a book as a present- The Outliers – after i’d said that “I will make it big one day”

I’m sure you’ve seen cars parked incognito in private dark spots at night. We all have an inkling of what’s going on inside. Well, D and I decided to go to Seletar reservoir one night for a stroll after a late dinner. I was very amused to see newspapers stuck on a car’s window. Later, D suggested that they could’ve used magazine pages from Prestige or Tatler instead.. you know, looks higher class. I was immensely tickled.

Perhaps they could’ve hung a “Do Not Disturb” sign on their car handle.. but that would be out rightly blatant. For now, I guess tinted back windows, miniature car curtains or newspapers would be a good substitute.


Written by champagnejsg

January 14, 2011 at 2:04 am

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