"True love is worth searching for"

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Someone asked me, would you if you go out with someone whom you’re not interested in, but who likes you? I’ll come to that.

Most people who sign up with a dating agency have the big M at the back of their minds .. because, why would you go to such lengths.. if you’re not serious.

Are people who join dating agencies weird?

Largely no. In fact, they’re people just like you and me (unless you think working 8 to 9 hours/day, watching TV, sleeping & playing soccer is weird). Most guys I met were very decent, incredibly eligible, established in their career (be it healthcare, medical, financial, engineering, business, law or IT industries), looking for a genuine relationship.

I did have one odd encounter -with a Caucasian guy- whom I later found out, on a second date, that he had an anxiety/panic attack. He began hyperventilating when he couldn’t find his wallet after drinks at TCC. I had to calm him down (what else could I do?) and so the whole story of his diagnosis spilled out. I have nothing against panic attacks, as much as he couldn’t help it. But then, psychiatric disorders are one of the hardest to treat and I really didn’t want unnecessary problems down my future genetic pool.

We still kept in touch .. till his return from the States, when he said, “I just attended my brother’s wedding in the States, but I felt so lonely.”

“Oh why?” I asked.

“Well because I don’t have anyone and it sucks” and  he looked really troubled.


To read more, visit http://gettingmrright.blogspot.com/

Written by champagnejsg

January 13, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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