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Event Highlight – Cocktail and Love

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The event I am looking forward to finally happened! It is the Cocktail Making and Appreciation event. We used to hold our cooking events with this cooking school at their previous location in Wessex Estate. They have now shifted to this new place and the décor is like a state of the art kitchen.

But wait, we are not here for cooking, we are here for a Cocktail Making Event. Here is our host Zul, who is a seasoned bartender- turn- pub owner.   He is explaining the different techniques of making cocktails to the participants. Techniques like shaking, muddling, layering, blending etc that I never know of. But what fun is it to just listen like an old classroom style right? Hands-on action is the best way to remember. The participants are split into groups, and try their hand at concocting some out of the world cocktails.

Ok, this looks like a decent Mojito. Let me taste it, hmm not bad. The other groups are all doing well, looks like we have some very talented bartenders in the making.

What Zul say is very right; a good cocktail is all about balance. It is never a matter of the more the merrier. Everyone has their own peculiar taste, some like it more citrus, so you add more lime, some like it more bitterly so you add more alcohol, some like it fruity and you add fruit juice. Adding the best liquors and mixers into a glass does not mean it is the best cocktail. The most important is to be true to your own taste and not like something for the sake of conforming to “social taste”.  It is funny how people rave about drinking Martinis because it is classy and elegant to be drinking from a Martini glass. But Martini glass aside, it is really just Gin and Dry Vermouth. But try pouring Gin and Vermouth into an ordinary glass, will people still rave over it?

In a way, finding a partner is the same. Compatibility is also about balance.  Having model looks or six-digit pay may not be the ultimate indicators that he/she is the partner for you. Being able to complement you, being able to appreciate you for who you are, and tolerate you for who you are not, that is more important isn’t it? This person may not come in a good exterior package, so you may have to look beyond that to find the real treasure within. Happy treasure hunting, and a toast to you with my all-time favourite cocktail—Lychee Martini (with or without the glass).

-Joan 12th Jan2011

Written by champagnejsg

January 12, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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