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Waving goodbye to 2010 and embracing a new beginning to 2011

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30th Dec 2010, the day Champagne JSG held its year end review meeting. To reward ourselves for working so hard for this one year, we treated ourselves to a lunch meeting at this nice and cosy place in Dempsey Hills, surrounded by greenery and fresh air. Ah ha, what better way than to start off the meeting with a toast of mojito and a red wine? Here is Gracelyn proposing a toast to Champagne JSG. Well, our brains cannot work on an empty stomach can we? We ordered some pasta, a duck leg salad, and a rosti with rib-eye steak. Yummy, don’t you wish you are also here with us? The duck salad tastes perfect with it tangy mandarin orange dressing and my favourite rocket leaves. The rosti with rib-eye steak is a very tasty combination; just imagine your usual jacket potato replaced by pan fried potato strips. The steak is very nicely done; it is tender and maintains the juicy beefy taste. I must say the vongole linguine is a little disappointing but with the other two dishes, the drinks and the nice ambience, this becomes a very forgivable imperfection.

Ok, before this becomes like a “I eat, I shoot, I post” food blog, let’s get back to business. We reviewed our achievements made in 2010, and are satisfied with the results in terms of meeting our targets for number of matches made, number of new events organised, and a good estimate of successful couples we bring together in the process. It is important we remain sincere and listen keenly to our members’ feedback to improve ourselves. Planning our roadmaps for 2011 is one important part of this meeting. Coming 2011, there will be four main areas we will be focusing our efforts on:

  • To organise many more fun, creative and fresh events to keep our members’ social calendar full.
  • To invest and expand our marketing channels in order to attract more members.
  • To constantly improve on our backend matching process to churn our more successful matches.
  • To hold talks and seminars to share our match making experiences with our members in order to help them get luckier in love.

2011 will definitely be an even more exciting year.

To have a sweet ending and beginning literally, we cannot do without deserts! The carrot cake and the strawberry sponge cake look cute isn’t it? They taste as good as it looks.

This is truly a sweet ending to 2010 and a good beginning to 2011. Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone for all your support. Thanks for contributing your photos for our blog, thanks for giving us feedback to improve, thanks for referring other friends to us, and thanks for being our friend.

Have a good 2011 ahead!

-Joan, 3rd Jan 2011

Written by champagnejsg

January 4, 2011 at 3:27 am

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