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Champagne JSG Christmas Event

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We did it again! Another fun loving bunch of participants we hosted at our Champagne JSG Christmas event held on 25th Dec. —Good Wines, Good food and Good company and good organizers like us :p, it has to be a great event right?

This time, we held our event at this cosy little wine café tucked away in Tiong Bahru area. They have a very interesting wine tasting concept. All the wines are stored in barrels as you can see in the photo, and everyone can go around free and easy to taste the wines (a sampling portion that is), then finally they can choose which wine to have a full glass served.

We have a sumptuous Christmas food menu prepared as well, and dessert is sponsored by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, yippee.

We had the whole place to ourselves, and everyone just make merry. Every lady is given a lock with a red string when they entered, and the guys are supposed to use their key to unlock the ladies’ locks. After pairing up, we played the English version of “真的假不了” (for those of you who are into Taiwanese entertainment show hosted by Jacky Wu, you will know what I mean.) Basically every pair has to say 3 statements about each other, and one of them is false. The rest of the group has to guess which is the false statement. We presented our best “liar” couple with a present from Champagne JSG. Sometimes really cannot judge book by its cover yah, the most honest looking pair often turn out to be the best liars!

What is Christmas without gift exchange right? But we made everyone work to get their present. Each of the 2 teams sends one representative to play the traditional “scissors paper, stone” game. The winner gets to choose his/her present from the present pool, and the poor loser has to stay on to challenge the next player. Since Christmas is all about sharing and giving, of course we have to do our part. Everyone is presented with a token from Champagne JSG as well.

All in all, it is a night filled with laughter. The café is very nice, we are suppose to wrap up and leave by 10.30pm but they allow us to stay till 11plus because we are all enjoying too much to leave, haha.

I am sure friendships have been formed within the group through this event, and everyone has enjoyed themselves. This is really the motivation factor for us to keep coming up with great event ideas!

-Joan, 27Dec2010

Written by champagnejsg

December 31, 2010 at 11:44 am

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