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Event Highlight – Champagne on the Rock

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Conquer the tallest indoor via ferrata wall in the world, that is the goal for today for all the participants joining our Champagne on the Rocks event on 23rd Oct at Orchard Central.

I was there preparing and hiding my puzzles around the area at 9am before they start coming at 10.30am. It is early morning, most people are still feeling lazy, and to my surprise, most participants have not tried any form of rock climbing before, and they see this event as a chance to challenge their personal limits, some even admit to a phobia of heights. Wow, very refreshing to see such spontaneous and courageous attitude.

This climb requires participants to climb in pairs. Firstly due safety reasons as the safety system is designed to work in pairs and secondly it is going to be a tedious climb upwards, 90degrees and will take on average 30-45min, they need to spur and cheer each other on.

This is the first group of 4 pairs gearing up and listening attentively to the safety briefing, while the other group is busy finding my hidden jigsaw puzzles somewhere.

See the height they are climbing? It is no easy feat! But everyone managed to make it.

The amazing part is the before and after climb.

Before the climb, everyone is still shy and cordial to each other. After the climb, having gone through “thick and thin” together, everyone became buddies! You can see them starting to chat and laugh about the climbing experience.

Overall it has been a great event with good feedback, so we will probably do it again. Do check this event out the next time.

Written by champagnejsg

October 31, 2010 at 5:26 am

Posted in Events Highlight

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