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MINT Toy Museum

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Many of my members have really gotten great feedbacks from their dates especially on certain locations we picked for them. I was really glad. It’s really easy for us to come out with dating ideas, as I am always the one planning on dates with my boyfriend who is now my husband.

On a date, you need to put in effort and do your part, be it for the gentleman or the lady. However, you need not over impress the date, as spoken in our previous talks… Well, if you have missed it, you may catch up with us in our dating tips either in now blogs or the next seminar. Secrets shall be revealed, how to win the man you like in 10 days! For man, top tips on what women want in the next Men’s talk.

Well, today I am doing to blog about a special dating place that has a high statistic of people hitching up on the first sight! After receiving quite a number of good feedbacks on dates set in the MINT Toy Museum in Singapore, I had decided to go on this excursion myself.

You guys may think and wonder : “ What? You set us in a date in this location that you have not been yourself?” Well, pardon me for that! Excuse is I am busy. However, thanks to the road closure in the city due to the National Day Parade Rehearsal, I decided to go to the MINT, dating myself.

A set lunch cost only $10.90 only with a Soup of the day, Main, a Drink and Dessert! After my lunch, I asked the waiter to hold my drinks and dessert and I head to the Toy Museum.

Pictures would definitely says a thousand words. Every shelf of the toys in mint conditions sparks up a talking point! Hence, dating a stranger, is really a no-pressure, no-sweat done deal!

Everyone has a child in them. Walking through this 4 storey shop-house museum is really nostalgic and amazing sharing childhoods together. And we are talking about PMETs on a date in this place age 25 onward right up to 45s-50s!

Some of the old antique toy robots cost from USD 7,000 to USD 40, 000! Amazing! Thanks for my Champagne JSG members. Seems they are recommending me the places instead me recommending them! I am going to plan a trip for my husband when he is back!

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Written by champagnejsg

August 4, 2010 at 4:51 pm

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